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  4 Campers, One Coach, 5 Days,   10 Multi-Sports & Island Wide   Adventures. Really!!  
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Dragon Warriors

Now more than ever, it's SO IMPORTANT to help kids get off screens and engaged in activities which develop their self-confidence and resilience!  

We bring the kids on ADVENTURES in and around the city, parks, beaches, climbing trees, bouncing tramps, skateboarding, bowling, ball sports and so much more! 

See the outcomes from CAMP

The Outcomes

To say the kids have will have a great time is an understatement. Reality, there is NO CAMP like this is Asia and each kid will be challenged, face their fears, learn new skills, make friends and experience a breakthrough. Becoming a Dragon Warrior Kid is a transformational experience.  Key areas of development include;  


Quick Details

No Other Camp Like This!

I stopped sending my kids to camps in Singapore after they told me this.


"Dad, we spent sooo much time lining up, sitting down listening and waiting around :(   We didn't get to play that much AND, most of the games we already knew and play at school"... 

Yes, kids can be blatantly honest - there's no filter. Hearing this I decided to combine my 20+ years coaching and event organizing experience to create the ultimate multi-sports and adventure camp. A camp where kids spent more time playing, learning and developing their skills together. AND, one where campers get outside, in small teams (4) to see do and experience planning, travel, hiking, multi-sports adventures (Urban Adventures) around Singapore....Well, this is it!"    #Hanson Barry | Founder DWK 

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Sample Schedule

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Complete Learning Kit

The lil Dragon Team riders love their shirts, badges, stickers, awards, progress passbooks well, NEW for this term we've made it even better!

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Limited to 4 Campers Per Team


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The Skate "Avengers" program is the best way to wear out the kids over the holidays besides, they take away better focus, motivation and really advance their skateboarding skills too!


The Adventure Camp is the Amazing Race or holiday camps. Campers take charge of their week to plan and complete 10 missions in 5 days under the great guidance of their coaches. 



Although our Coaching Team are heavily booked for group classes, they do open a very limited number of spots for 1:1 private Coaching. Coach will create a personalized program for you.

Your Team Of Coaches

The TEAM has a diverse set of skills, interests, careers however, as coaches & parents, we share the passion to empower kids AND, we love to play!

We use a variety of proven techniques to EMPOWER your our students so they can further develop their focus, motivation and grit. We welcome with open arms, treat them with love and respect as if they were our own kids. 

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