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Holiday Adventure Camper 

Suitable for 1st and 2nd-time campers aged 7-12 years

Dragon "Camper" is specifically for first-time campers aged 7-13 years old. The journey to become a Warrior Dragon starts here for all campers. We understand and appreciate that it takes time for children to warm up to new people, places and adventures therefore this TEAM supports there journey into the World of Dragon Warrior Kids Camps.

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Holiday Adventure Warrior 

Suitable for 3rd and 4th-time campers aged 7-12 years


Once a camper has attended at least 2 camps, they are ready to embark on the Warrior Series of Adventures. This level demands a greater sense of self, higher skill level, strong mindset, and the determination to push through more challenging adventures.

WARNING: Not for the faint hearted

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